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The New Trend in Corporate Retreats and Team Building

Our corporate programs offer unique and exciting experiences for your team.  Whether you are seeking a relaxing retreat for corporate executives to spend valuable time together without distraction where high level decision making can take place or team building activities to engage your team and build morale, we’ve got the experience for you.

Tuscany, Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world to relax, de-stress and spend quality time while building morale, engagement and enthusiasm.  The villa we have chosen for our experience is private and boasts of over 30 private rooms and apartments.  It is surrounded by beautiful Tuscan hills, vineyards, cypress trees and drenched, of course, in the Tuscan sun to help build and strengthen work relationships.

We worked in corporate America for over 20 years and know that being a little different can be good.  Why not motivate your team to join this year’s corporate retreat or team building with an experience like no other?

Corporate Retreat

Whether it’s long term planning or just having a relaxing place for executives to spend quality time in a less stressful environment without distraction, we can help.

We can help you customize our Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun Experience to suit the needs and objectives of your corporate retreat.  In addition to cooking classes, we can help by organizing wine tastings, welcome and farewell dinners, cocktails on the terrace,  painting under the Tuscan Sun classes, golf outings, meetings in the banquet hall, excursions to high end wineries (and wine tastings of course) and day trips to Siena or Florence, Italy.  We can expertly craft the retreat depending on your objectives and the executives attending.  There’s plenty to do.  There’s also little to do if that is what you prefer.  Our host villa also has hiking, tennis courts, a swimming pool and Italian gardens for leisurely and relaxing activities for your team.  There is plenty of indoor and outdoor space to de-stress and make those high level, long term planning decisions while building or strengthening existing relationships.

We host this corporate retreat as a private experience for your team.  We also offer corporate discounts depending on the size of the group attending and the time of the year.  Please contact us at for more information.

Corporate Team Building

Gone are the days of rope courses and awkward ice breakers.  Strengthen your team by investing in experiences that will change the lives and hearts of your employees building corporate loyalty, strengthening your team’s resolve and group productivity.

Our Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun Experience serves as the foundation of the corporate team building experience where we tailor the activities around the meetings you have and work with you to organize the specific experiences from our Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun Experience.  During the experience, the team meets for cooking classes with our resident chef who guides the team through cooking instruction of many different dishes.  Our new and innovative team building activities culminate in a final cook off where individual teams utilize their new cooking skills to compete with one another.  We will have a panel of judges who will narrow the winning teams down to two.  Then, for the master championship, those two teams will compete at the farewell dinner.

Each team member will learn to rely on other team members and develop authentic friendships based on shared experiences and memories.  This team building activity is not one to be forgotten so roll up your sleeves, forge bonds while learning how to make Italian pasta and learning a new skill, compete in the final cook off and share all your new experiences when you go back to the office!

Corporate Partnership Employee discount-Do Good by Traveling!

We value our corporate partners and in return for inclusion in your portal/partner directory, we offer discounts to your employees and/or a charitable contribution to your employee’s charity of choice when booking our Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun, Tuscan Wine and Culture or The Ultimate Tuscan Wine Experience.  Please contact us at for more information.

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