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Villa Barberino

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What a pleasure to travel with John and Natalie!  The gorgeous accommodations, the live like a local activities and the ever-flowing wine (and Champagne!) made my entire trip fantastic traveling with my hosts by John and Natalie.  Everything was taken care of when we got there and during the entire experience.  I highly recommend traveling with them as they really know how to create a memorable experience through their passion, knowledge of living like a local, and love of travel.  It was such a joy connecting with them and enjoying all that they put together for my experience.  They helped welcome new experiences and culture into my life and I’ve made life-long friends!  I can’t wait to travel with them again wherever in the world the next destination may be!

Teresa from Arizona

You’ll never go hungry that’s for sure!  We ate like the locals every day and enjoyed the best of the best!  Everything was organized to perfection by John and Natalie and I was finally able to de-stress, relax and enjoy my time.  I have a very busy schedule normally so it was really nice to have my hosts take care of everything which gave me time to relax and not plan (as I always do).  I had the best time with my hosts, Natalie and John, and can’t wait to travel again with them.  I know that all that was included was authentic, well-organized and that I was able to let go, relax and have a great time!  I will never forget my time with John and Natalie—they are the best hosts you could ask for.  They did their best to make sure I enjoyed the best of the best while living like a local.  The entire experience was amazing and I look forward to joining them on their next hosted destination of living like a local!

Sana'a from Illinois

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing experience. I will cherish it forever🙏You are just like family to us😊Tina & I really enjoyed our time with you. We loved all  the cooking classes, art class, Yoga and the Truffle Hunt. Please keep in touch. Hope to see you soon.

Michelle from Michigan

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Featured on CBS News Chicago